Cross-connect ODF in the city of Rotterdam

Cases: City of Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a vibrant international city. A city that accommodates 600.000 people and no less than 160 different nationalities. The Rotterdam region has a total of 1,2 million inhabitants.

These people give Rotterdam the international atmosphere you feel everywhere you go. This global feeling is due to the fact that Rotterdam is situated on the water and for forty consecutive years has been the world's largest port.

Rotterdam decided in 2002 to start connecting all households and companies to fiber within the next 10 years. A project team was installed to start the engineering and roll-out. 

Rotterdam uses a three-layer infrastructure

  1. Passive infrastructure owned by the city
  2. Active infrastructure owned by the operator
  3. Content & services

The 3-layer infrastructure makes Rotterdam responsible for patching. 
Other keywords are:

  • low operational expenses (OPEX) for controllable costs.
  • high density approach, since Rotterdam is a dense populated area.

Together with the JETnet® Blown Fiber system integrator, Draka Comteq, and OBR of Rotterdam we designed a cross-connect solution.

To keep the OPEX low we introduced the cross-connect ODF. 
A cross-connect makes it possible to set any patch with 1 standard length of patchcord. No special skills are required for the person patching and no overlength is introduced. This keeps the OPEX low.

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