IT Infrastructure Datacenters Congress 2019

IT Infrastructure Datacenters Congress 2019

24th of October, 2019 in The Montil, Moortelstraat 8, 1790 Affligem, Belgium

The most complete event for the Infrastructure of Datacenters in Belgium. Racks, Power Supplies, Data Security, Cooling, Tests, Traffic management, Cloud of Cloud Computing, Data Retention, Monitoring.

LAN News and the Federation of Electricity and Electronics (FEE) is proud to announce the fifth edition of this successful event dedicated to the design, building and operation of computer areas and datacenters.

This is the leading event for IT- and datacenter infrastructure in Belgium. Enthusiast speakers conduct seminars about all relevant items: hard-and software related. There are 3 parallel tracks.

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The access, coffee and lunch are offered to you by: ABB, Austin Hughes, Bender, Cebeo, CN Rood, Commscope, Copaco, Dell Technologies, Electro Rent, Elinex, Emka, Exide Technologies, Fluke Networks, Honeywel Xtralis, Intronics, Kannegieter, Legrand, Leviton, Microlease, Mulder-Hardenberg, Nexans, Rittal, Schneider Electric, Schrack Technik en Socomec.

You can meet the exhibitors in person during the mini expo. Mulder-Hardenberg will be here to present the solutions, products and services and to answer your possible questions.

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The IT Infrastructure Datacenters congress will take place on October 24, 2019 in the congress centre 'De Montil' in Affligem.

We look forward to meeting you.

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