Patch Cords & Pigtails

Patch cords can be used in a variety of applications including equipment rooms, data cabinets and at user outlets. Available with all major connector types, in 900μm, 2mm and 3mm cables, in standard and bespoke lengths and in OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and Singlemode OS2 G.652D, G.655 and G.657A/B.

M-H’s complete line of optical Pigtails are available with all major connector types in 900um, tight buffer or easy strip, and in standard and custom lengths. For use in a variety of applications including equipment rooms, data cabinets and at user outlets, our line of Pigtails are RoHS compliant and tested for insertion and return loss (SM) and comply with all the latest specifications for optical fibers.

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  • Premise / Data Environments
  • Central Office / Telcom
  • Data Centres
  • Specialist Applications

A New Twist On Reversing Polarity

The need for easy field polarity reversal of two fibre duplex channels is a direct consequence of the increasing complexity of modern Fibre Optic Networks.
Perhaps there has been a mistake in design or a need to connect the fibre to a particular piece of equipment that requires the different polarity. In the past, this would require the disconnecting and re-connecting of a dense network of cabling to replace just one cable or the un-clipping of a duplex connector pair, slitting zip cable and re-clipping the pair, both of which can be complex and time consuming jobs.
The QuickFlip™ LC Connector is a new and innovative solution to the polarity reversal problem. The well-known duplex LC connector has been re-engineered to provide a simple and easy way to reverse the fibre’s polarity. The connector is made of two parts with a removable front assembly allowing a simple “Remove, Rotate and Reassemble” action to reverse the polarity. The rear of the assembly, containing ferrules, fibre and cable retention, remains intact and the fibres are undisturbed. This is a unique feature of QuickFlip™. 

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