Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Cables

Short Boot Patch Cords
Our patch cords supplied with a short boot are ideal for high density applications with tight space requirements. The connector length from tip to boot assembly is only 40 mm, compared to 66 mm for standard connector – 40% shorter!

Multifiber Quintis Prime LT Cable Assemblies
Quintis Prime LT is a special design platform for Loose Tube multifibre optical cable assemblies. It utilizes the patented Quintis Prime transition module and guarantees superior tensile strength and crushing resistance.

M-H Optical Fiber Assemblies
Due to the increasing requirement for high bandwidth applications, patchcords are becoming a critical part of network infrastructure. Each patchcord is tested for insertion loss and return loss (singlemode only), by one of our technicians. The patchcord is shipped with its own test certificate and all test data is fully traceable.

M-H Pre-Terminated Cable Assemblies

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  • Multfibre Quintis Classix Cable Assemblies. High pulling protection
  • Multfibre Quintis Prime Cable Assemblies. Flexible configurations / high fiber count
  • Multfibre Full Breakout Cable Assemblies. Ruggedised tails
  • Multfibre Loose Tube Cable Assemblies. Ideal for long internal or external links
  • MTP® Trunk Cable Assemblies. MTP® Fan-Out Cable Assemblies
  • Fan Out Kits
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